The Power of Life

I have love, wisdom, strength and courage within me. I have many things on the inside… You have equally as much as I do, maybe more…

I will help you find it.


Do you want to improve the quality of your personal life?

I help people in making the right decisions regarding their lives, particularly in the areas of relationships, health, career or personal development.


Do you want to grow your business?

I support organizations and businesses in the pursuit of realizing their goals and overcoming challenges that they face.



Everybody uses my programs regardless of their education, age, wealth or current social status. Both businessmen, managers, company owners, athletes, show business representatives and people excluded from society. I practice every day and I am not interested only in simple solutions. Put me to the test. I am ready.




You will achieve the highest level in building relations, thanks to which:
-You will notice the true value of relations
-You will learn to show affection to others
-You will start noticing another person the way he/she is, without judging
-You will learn to love yourself


You will find out how to take care of your health – as a result of:
–You will achieve balance between the body and the mind
– You will obtain gigantic amounts of energy which will allow you to achieve goals in any area of your life
– You will find out how to take advantage of the correlation between your mental and physical health


You will gain certainty that limits do not exist – in consequence:
–You will take full control of your life
–You will find talents and passions within yourself
–You will find inspiration, motivation and knowledge to realize even the boldest goals


It will give you the possibility to do what you love:
–Satisfy your ambitions – regardless of what you’re doing now
–Obtain new skills and abilities that will allow you to realize further goals
–Create a business that will give you financial independence


You will notice how important the realm of spirituality is in your life – therefore:
–You will learn to achieve peace of mind, your soul will conquer your negative emotions
– You will learn to overcome fear and you will build inner strength





“Overcome Yourself” by Andrzej Cichocki is a description of his life experiences, many stories of failure and success written by life itself. This book is a path of discoveries, thoughts and guidelines. It is a world of real-life stories and the reality that surrounds us. After reading it, nothing will be the same again: what was once difficult – will become easy, what was once impossible – will become possible. It will not happen because of magic but thanks to you, dear reader. Because it is you and only you that has an influence on your life. Your surroundings can either support you or be an obstacle – you are the one who decides.


The book “Overcome Yourself” has taught me many aspects that I could use in everyday life. It has taught me to how to interpret words, behaviors and actions of people who surround me. I have learned to look at myself and be happy with who I am and what kind of person I am to others. Thanks to this book I have realized that I am in the right place in my career. Thank You!

Magdalena Rudnik

If the subject of self-development is close to person’s heart, along the way he comes across various books and publications including self-help books that have motivated and inspired him to take action. For me Andrzej Cichocki’s book “Overcome Yourself” is remarkably unique. If you are open to changes then you just can’t walk past this book casually. The author has poured his heart and emotions out onto the pages of the book. Positive emotions, strong desires that he writes about page after page stick in your mind. The author reaches the reader in a clear and distinct way. He describes difficult matters, emotions and dreams that people deal with every day in a very straightforward manner. The book has a simple, uncompromising message. Similar to how simple our life is. Only for our own benefit (convenience) do we create stories, make excuses or comments, in order not to put in any effort. Thecontent of this book can be converted into the content of our life in a clear, easy way. I reach for this book time and time again. The book is incredibly effective in practice. “Overcome Yourself” is still alive in my heart almost a month after reading it. I can honestly say that this is a book I have been waiting for. The impulses to take action plus motivators that are given in the book leadme throughout the day. New experiences happen day in and day out. I can distinguish the reality that surrounds me differently now. I identify myself in another way now. I am able to create my own values. After reading the book the image of our life can look differently. It can form another shape, become better. It is only up to us whether this book will be a collection of information (knowledge) or a signpost towards a better ME and towards our dreams. This opinion was given based upon getting accustomed with several dozen self-development books.

Jacek Głębocki



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